Wedding Update: September 2013

That was quite a break!

Focused on getting into routine for the fasting month plus I took a break from a couple of things until I totally couldn’t get back on track again after fasting ended. Didn’t helped that my office has relocated to a further location from home so travel time has changed from 10 mins to at least 60 mins. Penat!

BUT wedding tasks are still wedding tasks cause they are so time-sensitive so those were still carried out as per plan.. As least those with appointments are carried out lol.

Accomplished Tasks

  • Purchased new bed (to be delivered late Oct)
  • ROMM Verification & Interview
  • Bought materials for Bunga Pahar & Bunga Rampai
  • Booked MPH
  • Save The Date
  • Completed wedding card design (time-consuming pe buat map sendiri!)
  • Placed order for wedding cards
  • Chose wedding outfits
  • 1/3 through the hantaran gifts list (FINALLY STARTING!)
  • All kain (except for 1) are distributed

Upcoming Tasks 

  • Berkat
  • Collect Baju Nikah
  • Resume shopping for hantaran gifts
  • Appointment with Wishing Wand

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Even if it’s a small one. Reason being cause there are bound to be deadlines – this needs to liaise with that, that needs to be liaise with this. Macam2 uh. What more if you’re someone who cannot work with deadlines, best you hire someone or work closely with a friend who can. Had to keep reminding the fiancé at times.

Of course, when the tasks seem to get more and more frequent and urgent, you realise that the big day’s not too far away already. I’m not allowed to keep track of the countdown though, tunang tak kasi BOO. All I know it’s 2 months plus away CEPAT PE!

With recent communication with Uncle Lan from Comel Molek, I mighhhttt just need to change the decor colour scheme from what I initially wanted due to some circumstances. Will do a little more research before I decide.

Oh, since I last blogged, I kinda stopped reading btb blogs for awhile too and only started again this week, made use of the time I’m squeezed into MRTs and buses during my commute to/from work. I think I missed out quite a lot – kecoh eh korang. And 1 blog post made me very excited this morning from KK – squealed (dlm hati haha) at almost all the photos in the post! Considering a bridal bouquet right now haha. Thank you Farhana! Macam tau je ape orang tgh cari 😉

Much Misses,


Oh whyyyy

Kenapa lah timbul lepas baju nikah dah hantar tailor?? In fact, baju nikah tu pun dah nak siap agaknya. I loooveeeee the dress on the left. So simple, modest and so flowy. Sigh. Wish I could un-see this lor!

Anyway, I didn’t mention this before but during the last few weeks, my kakak sedara whatsapp-ed me one afternoon that her siblings and herself are gonna do up a candy buffet for my reception. So surprised and ever so grateful. 😀

I feel so bad cause I sorta went crazy mad at my younger brother earlier. Sigh. But I had my good intention cuma tak cukup kesabaran je tadi. Just hope he realises why I do what I do, sayang mah.


Wedding Update: May 2013

Alhamdullilah, all my weekends in May have been productive. I realise being productive, getting things done and following plans makes me happy and satisfied. And I know very well how I throw a fit when I feel like I’m wasting my weekends.


F’s Baju Nikah

F has collected his baju nikah + songkok + samping. Looking good and I hope my own baju nikah will turn out well too.

Dulang Gubahan

I finally got F to sit down with me and confirm the items on the gift trays. In fact, the week before we discussed, he was adamant that it’s too early to buy the items. Mak dier tegur baru jalan. Sigh. I’ve updated the item list here.

At the same time, we discussed what we’re doing to do for the coming months and confirmed some deadlines. Most of which, I’ve updated here.

Wedding Expo

We went to the Wedding Expo last weekend, mainly because F‘s uncle & aunt (the ones doing his decor) is participating in the exhibition and is displaying a new dais.

So his uncle & aunt wanted him to see in case he wanted to change his mind. But F is sticking with his first choice. If it hadn’t been because F wanted to see the dais, we wouldn’t have gone to Expo actually cause there wasn’t really much we wanted to see..

BUT since we were there, we decided to head to Esa Wedding Gallery’s booth to enquire. Both F and I love their photos ever since we saw them at the first Expo Wedding Exhibition we went to. We didn’t enquire then however. So when we enquired, we were slightly put off by the way they pushed us to signed up on that day. It came to a point where F had to speak up and explain thoroughly that we’re enquiring for the first time and that we needed some time privately to discuss and even after doing so, the person still tried her luck by asking, “So really not signing up today..?” *facepalm*

F and I would most likely still sign up with them unless we find something else we like. It’s for our post-wedding photography so we’ve still got time to decide. So if anyone has any feedback (good, bad, anything) about Esa, please do let me know.

Saw RH at Expo too, so I took the opportunity to ask about the outfit selection date and we got to confirm it as well. 😀

Wedding Ring

A few posts earlier, I wrote about finding The Perfect Ring.

F and I have reached a compromise. Dier sebenarnya cakap cincin yg I nak tu mcm cincin kerok-kerok. -_-” But he agreed that we’ll do a thorough survey to all the other jewellery shops and if we can’t find anything that we both like, then he promises to get me that ring. Yay!

Wedding Cards

Dad was the anxious one, kept asking me when I was going to source out for the printer to print the wedding cards. So we decided to head to JB. Moreover during the Expo, I happened to get a flyer for a wedding card supplier in JB — so we thought, why not. In the end it was the only card shop we went to, lol, cause we were happy with the enquiry we did.

The name of the shop should be quite familiar in Singapore I believe.. So where did we go to?

CHENI Gallery (Showroom)
G-71, Danga City Mall, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Facebook: Kad Kahwin Cheni
Tel/Fax: +607-223 3688
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

Very near to Woodlands Checkpoint. And the shop’s really lovely.

So if you’d refer to my last post about wedding cards, I wanted to make a postcard-like card. Size A5. So this was what I got out of the visit..

  • A5 Card, printed both sides, full colour(click to enlarge)
  • Hotstamping on half of A5 size: one time charge of RM100++ (quoted based on 1000pcs)
  • Comes with Envelope
  • Fee for map: RM 30
    If you’re printing the same card design for 2 addresses: RM 50
  • Order to be made 1 month in advance
    First 2 weeks: They will confirm the artwork
    Next 2 weeks: Orders will be printed
  • Self-collection at JB
  • If you’re designing your own card, you can forward them the design in .jpeg .psd .indd formats— I didn’t asked any further, only asked about the formats that I might send to them.
  • 50% deposit

When I stepped into the shop and saw the designs displayed, I almost wanted to forgo my own design. They were so pretty! And Cheni has packages as well..

They have a lot more other package options too.

Men’s Tailor

Dad’s and my younger brothers’ kain have now been sent to the tailor. Dad particularly wanted to send to this tailor in JB somehow.

HOM Tailor
L1-55, Ground Floor, Southern City Hypermarket
No.3, Jalan Suria 19, Taman Suria, 81100 Johor Bahru
Hp: 012-7293302
Business Hours: Tues-Sun 12 noon-9pm, Closed on Mondays

If your family ever belanja grocery or jalan2 at Extra in JB, that’s where this tailor is located — just outside the entrance to Giant.

We sent 3 sets of kain — 1 each for dad and my 2 younger brothers and the total was RM 400. Dad’s was RM 140 and my younger brothers’ were RM 130 each. And it will be ready for collection on 30 June 2013.

Kain for the relatives

Earlier in May, Dad had to go to Vietnam for work. This not being his first visit to Vietnam, he planned earlier that he was going to buy kain for all my female relatives on my paternal side cause kain in Vietnam is very affordable. Maternal side is done — except for one of my cousin. Unfortunately, I personally have never been there so I’m not sure what kain options they have. My dad bought these cloths at the Ben Thanh Market. So if anyone happen to be heading to Vietnam, you can buy kain for your relatives for the wedding there too.

That’s it for my wedding update. I have a project I’m coming up with for this coming few weeks. InsyaA that’ll be in the next post. 😀

I can now sleep in peace, yay!


The Perfect Ring

F and I randomly walked into a jewellery shop yesterday. And I found the perfecttttttt ring, just like how I want, and the best part, it’s within F‘s budget. And to compliment the perfect ring, I found the perfect matching ring since I can exchange my current engagement ring and top up for another design. Wahlao, dari tengahari sampai skrg pukul 1 pagi, my mind has been fixed on the rings and I keep looking at the photo I took over and over. And I know F thinks I’m siao tingtong. After the leaving the jewellery shop until now, he’s like…

And unfortunately for me, F doesn’t like those rings!!!! Wah, heart pain. We haven’t really look around anywhere else for the rings uh.. And this afternoon was the first shop we went into and I’ve already fallen deeeeeeeepppppply in love with the rings that I saw.

I’ve this habit of being hasty.. Kalau nampak yg pekenan sampai boleh bawak mimpi, I know I need to have it. Mcm cincin ni uh. BUT because my future husband is the one who’s gonna be gifting this to me, I’ve got to consider his opinion too. Kalau ikut perasaan sendiri, mmg dah beli sendiri dah. Ahhh, sampai mimpi lah jawabnya malam ni.

I’ve got a question.. Who is involved in the decision making for the wedding rings? If the decision was just between F and I, it’s OK right..? Would we have to consult our parents?

After quite a long break from planning the wedding, I’m back on track. Went for another fitting for my baju nikah as well as F‘s yesterday. Alhamdullilah, even though there were still some parts of the baju that I thought could have been done better, it’s probably because of the design I gave.. But I now think that it’ll turn out fine, insyaA. F‘s baju turned out well too! Seeing him try the baju made me all excited sampai ter-imagine2 when I see him during the akad nikah. Hahahaha.

Things to be done/discussed/confirmed in the near few weeks: Wedding cards, Wedding Favors, Bunga Rampai, Bunga Pahar, Sireh Junjung/Dara, DIY Projects, Sanding Itinerary etc etc.

Wedding mode ON.


Pinggan Mangkuk

I went to a wedding yesterday. And again, I emphasised this with myself… I cannot stand pinggan mangkuk sudu garfu yang dah dicuci then tak dikeringkan dgn betol. I’m seriously not trying to be a diva. Tapi, tak senonoh kan kalau tetamu terpaksa amik makanan on pinggan yg masih basah and at times, still kotor? Also, cannot tahan kalau pinggan mangkuk tak cukup. I understand that lepas Zuhur is the most busiest period during a wedding, but as a vendor, please make sure yang semua cukup, from the number of plates and cutleries as well the number of staff needed to wash, dry and top up that area. So basically, what makes or breaks a caterer is definitely THIS for me.. Kalau pinggan mangkuk tak senonoh, memang kena pangkah. I’m praying hard this does NOT happen for my own wedding. Kalau jadi, korang tengoklah pengantin turun pelamin gi cuci and top up pinggan ok.

Oh, and if anyone’s wondering about the tailor.. Tu lagi satu. Masih sakit hati so I don’t want to cerita now.

Back to work now.



I’m cooling down from my morning jog (I can’t even begin to describe how I hate running and how I’ve tried and epic-ly failing but that’s another story). I told F to tell me to run or else he won’t marry me. So because I nak kahwinnnnn.. I have to run jog.

But anyway, once I’m cooled down, I’ll be heading over to F‘s and then we’re going to the tailor’s! To collect my baju untuk dulang. Shall upload some pictures if I have the chance. InsyaA. And my baju nikah will only probably be done by June. So if it turns out nice, I’ll write about the tailor I went to. 🙂


Too many things, too little time

There are a few things on my list of want-to-do tonight.. And I guess I’m starting with this one first; blogging. Why want-to-do? Cause to-do lists are mostly realistic, want-to-do not so lol. And I keep having this type of dilemma every weekday night! Well, the other few things are, continue designing the wedding card, watch HIMYM, read other btb blogs, paint and exercise. With another approximately 3 hours to bedtime, let’s see how much can be done!

Over the weekend, I was able to settle my baju nikah. Kain was bought 2 weekends ago and I managed to send it for tailoring over this past weekend. Yay! Cuma I still need to head to Arab Street again to buy more lining cause tak cukup. Dah 3 minggu ulang-alik Arab Street! But I guess that’s what happens when you’re preparing for a Malay Wedding. One trip to the kedai kain just isn’t enough. Once you’ve bought your own kain, then it’s kain for your mum, your dad, your siblings, aunts, uncles andddd the list goes on.


Of course, I’m saying this for the majority.. And am aware that there might be a minority that disagree. Walaupun da berulang-alik to the shops, I honestly can’t remember how much it cost for the different types of kain. For someone who has never shopped at Arab Street for kain baju raya or for whatever occasion prior to my wedding preps, the prices for the cloths came as a shock to me. Last year, I paid $100+ for a ready-made baju raya and was already sobbing inside. Beli kain nikah je da more than $150.. Ape lagi hantar tailoring. And with my ambitious design (padahal da complain panjang lebar, masih nak ambitious design, tak masuk akal btol), when the tailor told me the cost, I wanted to run walk out cause usually I would never pay that kind of price for just one piece of outfit. BUT because unlike another tailor I enquired, they were able to make my design materialize and I saw that their work was neat, I eventually agreed.

I did consider heading over the causeway to get the tailoring done but I guess because of convenience I chose to do it in Singapore instead.

Oh and over the weekend too, while on the way to meet F, I only had time to read 1 btb post. And that was this post.

Ever since I started doing my research and stumbling upon Kahwin Khronicles, I can’t imagine wedding planning with such ease without KK! At the start, I kept visiting her Directory page to keep looking at my vendor options. Haha. And that post is like godsend to anyone who just started planning, seriously. And without her btb blog links, I wouldn’t have found all the other btb blogs either. So yay! 😉

My direction of this blog post was actually supposed to be about Comel Molek Decor, I think. Tapi macam dah ke lain arah gitu. Haha. Well, I’ve got other things to do right now. So perhaps the next post then!