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My Wedding DIYs

Under usual circumstances I would plan the content of this blog post but shuttling between 2 homes has cut my time with the media resources I have on my computer so I’m just gonna do this as it comes, and hopefully with as much as I can remember. 🙂

Let’s start with the few things I DIY-ed (with lots of help from my family and friends of course :D)..

From top-right:

1. Front view of my wedding card: Blogged about designing my own wedding card before here. Designed by me, printed in JB at Kad Kahwin Cheni. With embossment too 😀

2. Wedding Favors! They are mini sejadah/carpet. Mum came up with the idea to separate the carpets so that we have a pile that has any Islamic symbols and another that’s generic. This is so that we can use 1 wedding favor to be given to both our muslim and non-muslim guests. And we differentiated them by the colour of the ribbons; cream for muslims, peach/mint-green for non-muslims, red for VIPs (haha, this one cause my aunt picked out some really nice designs and insisted to put them aside). Favors are bought from Kota Tinggi.

3. The wedding favor with the favor bag. They are actually wine bags which fits perrrrrfectly with the favors, so happy about that! But I only bought less than 500 as mum said she’ll only be giving the bags for those who kirim. I bought the bags directly from a packaging company in Clementi after some thorough research. Definitely so so much cheaper than buying them from stores. The company apparently does the bags for companies like McDonalds, Starbucks etc.

4. Back view of my wedding card.

5. Bunga Rampai, inspired by raihanandsofia. But I used real bunga rampai instead of potpourri. Added a ‘tutu skirt’ with fabric bought from a wedding store at Kota Tinggi.

6. One of the many, many designs of the mini carpet. Actually I did see some of these carpets/sejadah being sold at Toko Warisan but I got them at 1/4 of the price sold at Toko Warisan. Major saving!

7. Kuih tart for the guest tables during the wedding reception. 30 glass bottles bought from IKEA, tarts made by my mum and aunt and the decoration by me & assisted by my mum. Majority of the bottles given out to my relatives after the wedding reception.

8. Tags with our wedding hashtag hung on the tart bottles. I have no idea where I got the idea though. Tags were designed by me, printed on a thicker paper, cut and pasted on foam paper so that the tag doesn’t crumple easily on the day itself.

9. A birthday goodies corner for the solemnisation night as it was Faizal’s birthday. Set up by the table beside the dais. With lightsticks, sparklers (that was why I was looking for them! lol), stringers, poppers, bubbles, glow bracelets and a frame that says ‘We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday’ LOL. All these were fast gone right after the solemnisation!!

Thought I’d share a short video made by my colleague of my wedding but it seems I don’t have enough space on WordPress to upload it. Will figure it out soon.

Need to go now. Besok dah keje!! >.<

Entering the new year

It’s almost 4am now. Been up doing some laundry. Trying to finish them before I head back to my place tomorrow (we’re at my husband’s place now). Plus because I’m flying to Siem Reap for work on Sunday morning for a week. Sad to be leaving the husband.

I know I should probably blog about my basi wedding. Soon soon.

Leaving you with the first very clear picture of us on this blog lol. K bye! >.<



Hello! I’m still alive. It’s been a month since our wedding seh, where did the time go! I’m still getting over the tiredness actually. I know it sounds exaggerated.. Dah satu bulan pun masih penat2 lagi. But really, the past few weeks, macam non-stop action seh everyday. There’s always plans, cleaning, laundry, grocery.. I’ve been so dead beat and been going to work feeling so sleepy. Anyway, the new year is coming up so fast too. Insya’Allah I’ll get all this adapting stuff done and get into a routine. 

Have a great Monday everyone! 🙂


Assalamualaikum, my name is Hashima, his name is Faizal. Alhamdullilah, we’re married now! Hehe.

The past week has passed so fast. We’re alternating between our homes and it’s been a rush settling in since we’re both back at work. Loads and loads of adjusting and adapting. So thankful that babe has been so understanding and patient. I don’t have a computer at his place so I’ll probably blog again once we’re back at my place.

Still recovering from wedding fatigue hahahah.
Thank you so much for all the well wishes and congratulatory messages!!

I’ll be back soon insya’Allah. xx

Can’t sleep

I’ve been up for more than an hour. It’s 3.50am now fyi. Padahal I was so tired during the day. Dah dpt tido, terbangun pulak pukul 2 pagi. Nasib nanti nikah malam.

Omg, it’s happening isn’t it. It feels all kinds of wonderful and weird and scared and happy to see the pelamin, one that I will be sitting on, and not someone else. Can’t believe I’ll officially have a husband in less than 24 hours.

I’ve popped some migraine pills cause I feel them coming. Hope I can sleep now!

I’m reaching my btb finishing line gaise. Haha. Insya’Allah semua lancar barakah.